One Roman Catholic family growing closer to God

Our family is moving to new Church and school. Visiting Our Lady of Fatima Statue at St. Mary Immaculate Parish in Plainfield IL.
Planning our Disney trip with
Kids segments and mail.
Hail Mary by Donna Cori Gibson

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After nearly five months we are back. In this episode we discus family happenings and the Canonization of Bishop Sheen.

Thanks to The Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Foundation for use of audio files and photo use.
The song Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue by Donna Cori Gibson
Prayers to the King family

Send mail to

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Wed, 4 March 2009

A Rosary for Macey King and family.
The Sorrowful Mysteries.

Thank you Donna Cori Gibson for sharing your sung Liturgy of Loretto, called “Mother”.

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A short show this week to discuss Lent.
Also the amazing musical talents of the ‘Catholic Weird Al’ Nick Alexander.
A CD that will not disappoint.

Kids will be back next week.

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Family happenings and kids segment.
Email from Marnie Falcan and discuss discipline.
Interview with Sr. Anne Flanagan.Music:
Te Joseph and O Sanctissima
by Sr. Anne Flanagan

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Three Kings mall shopping and loose teeth.
The first OCL Chat Call on Fri. night Jan. 9th 8pm central.
616-347-8400 access code 365533#

Music from Podsafe Music Network: Steve Stellavato – When Gentle Snowflakes Fall
Derek Miller – We Three Kings
Thanks Lee Harris for letting us use – A Fistful of We Three Kings

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I have a special fondness for this feast, largely because of my fervent prayers to the Holy Family for my family. Our family Christmas WinterWonderland and Andrews contest winner. Music is Family by Jonathan Roberts and Angels Watching Over You by Sharmane. From Podsafe Music Network.
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Our contribution to Catholic New Media Roundup Advent Calendar

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Third Week of Advent. Short test show more or less with new microphones and I’m speaking too close. Thanks Matt MacPail from the group News at 11 for all your advice.December 17 St. Lazarus.

Music from Merry Ellen Kirk – O Come All Ye Faithful at Pod Safe Music Network.

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Advent calendar, Kids segments, and chitchat. 101 Fun things to do at Wal-Mart from listener Brandi Yohn. We gratefully introduce Ann and Matt MacPhail with the group News At Eleven with the song ‘This Little Light Of Mine’

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Feast of Christ The King.
Stay with us Jodi.
Emilys birthday. Andrews Christmas contest.
GREAT Music from the Pod Safe Music Network:
Robert Lund – I Heart Thanksgiving
Steve Stellavato -Thanksgiving

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In this episode we rejoice in the Feast of the Archangels, kids segments, basically just chit-chat. Thanks goes out to Romeo K. Escuyos Jr. for sharing his music and is at

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In this episode we discuss the John the Baptist, Facebook blues, family happenings, kids segments, and great podcasting friends. Music by Paul Lisney – Our Father from

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In this episode we discuss the Assumption of Mary, family happenings, kids segments, and feedback.
Music by Susan Bailey – Hail Holy Queen
Johnny Proctor – Hail Mary

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In this episode we rejoice in the Feast of the Transfiguration featuring a homily by Msgr. Pope.

PLEASE leave feedback at i tunes and if you have a moment.
PLEASE Contact us: or call the comment line at 206-984-2980 for a chance on the giveaway.

God Bless

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In this episode we discuses the Feast of St Anne and enjoy Dr Paul’s talents. Family happenings, kids segments, as always podsafe music and WIN A CONTEST!

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Moving on from the infancy and the hidden life in Nazareth to the public life of Jesus, our contemplation brings us to those mysteries which may be called in a special way mystery of light. Certainly the whole mystery of Christ is a mystery of light. He is the light of the world (Jn 8:12). Yet this truth emerges in a special way during the years of his public life, when he proclaims the Gospel of the Kingdom…. Each of these mysteries is a revelation of the Kingdom now present in the very person of Jesus. …. Pope John Paul II

The Music: Immaculate Mary by Susan Bailey at Podsafe music network

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In this weeks episode we talk about our family happenings, the start of the Pauline Year, the Sacrament of Marriage as a vocation, and we send our prayers and thoughts to Macy and the King family!

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We visit the miracle of a Divine Mercy Sanctuary. 9ft by 9ft with a the largest Host in USA. Our Lady of the Sign-Ark Of Mercy at St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish in Chicago. And a wonderful interview with a seminarian and an inspiring young man.
PLEASE leave feedback at itunes and
PLEASE Contact us: or call the comment line at 206-984-2980

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In 1899 Pope Leo XIII approved this Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for public use. This litany is actually a synthesis of several other litanies dating back to the 17th century. Father Croiset composed a litany in 1691 from which 17 invocations were used by Venerable Anne Madeleine Remuzat when she composed her litany in 1718 at Marseille. She joined an additional 10 invocations to those of Father Croiset, for a total of 27 invocations. Six more invocations written by Sister Madeleine Joly of Dijon in 1686 were added by the Sacred Congregation for Rites when it was approved for public use in 1899. This makes a total of 33 invocations, one for each year of life of our Lord Jesus Christ. A partial indulgence is attached to this litany.

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This week we celebrate the Catholic Feast of Corpuse Cristi and start a series of talks on vocations with our guest Sr. Denise Glazik op. Also kids segments listener feedback and family talk. Please leave feedback at ItunesContact us: or call the comment line at 206-984-2980.

This weeks songs are Agnus Dei by Bob Rowe and Open My Eyes by Sharmane from

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Jodis Conversion

This weeks show we celebrate with the Church Trinity Sunday. Enjoy our childrens segment and Jodi talks about her conversion. We are now on Itunes. Contact us: or call the comment line at 206-984-2980. This weeks song is The Trinity Song by Paul Linsey

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One Roman Catholic family growing closer to God.

Episode 1. Everyone is allowed a first bad podcast. In this first episode we meet and great with each of the members of the family. We Remember Mother’s day and recognize all the wonderful podcasts that influence our daily life. In our Religion segment Jodi reads the poem ‘Mother – Her Amazement at Her Only Child’ by Karol Wojtyla.
James forgets the Starbucks.

We offer our prayers to Bob Varley who past away suddenly and was a member of the DIS Unplugged team.
Bob “Bawb” Varley Home Page Memorial
Podcasts discussed can be found at:
Final song: ‘Angels Song/Angel of God Prayer’ by Sharmane
(Podsafe music Network)
Contact us: or call the comment line at 206-984-2980.

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